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Entry #1


2008-06-29 15:21:55 by theodorechpmunkclock

ok i wanna play this game just one wuestion is it smiffys quest or
smithhys quest


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2008-08-10 07:02:12

found it


2008-08-15 17:39:13

you are NOT twenty. twenty year olds don't type like that, because they have more common sense.

theodorechpmunkclock responds:

fuck you slut


2008-08-16 18:43:03

your age is 20 minus 10

theodorechpmunkclock responds:

fuck off asshole you ever heard of quick typing


2008-09-03 12:03:51

your mother sucks cock in hell

theodorechpmunkclock responds:

for good sake have guys ever heard of having 30 seconds to type


2008-09-07 13:15:39

You there, Clock!
I am Dr. Eggman, the new ruler of the Clock Crew and I order you to spam the portal relentlessly with as many [CC] Flash as you possibly can! Today is the day we rage war on all spam groups who dare stand against us, and as a member of the Clock Crew it is your job to spread that title to as many parts of this site as you possibly can!
Now is our time to take over Newgrounds, I trust your fully prepared!